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HOUSTON and surrounding areas


Gretchen Reeves (Houston areas & DFW Metroplex)

Like many people that end up in the wine business, Gretchen Reeves started out as a passionate wine consumer and then casually (and only half-jokingly) asked a friend one day "if one could make a living drinking wine all day."  As it turn out, the answer was yes and the rest is history. 
Gretchen has worked in many positions in the wine industry since 2003.  Retail Sales was her first position, but since then she has worked as a sales rep for several distributors, as a wine bar designer, and most recently as a buyer.  Her experience as both a wholesale rep and as a buyer in the wine business gives her a unique perspective and insight into serving her accounts, because as she jokes, "I've walked a little in everybody's shoes."
She professes a special love for small boutique producers...those who retain a hands on approach to their vineyards and wines and who still get excited when a customer discovers their wine and shares personal details about the occasion at which the wine was consumed.  Perhaps it's her small town up-bringing, or her lack of exposure to a corporate sales mentality, but for her, the people and the stories behind the wine are sometimes as important as the wine itself. 
Gretchen happily joins Vintage Select and considers herself lucky to be back pounding the pavement and calling on some of the finest restaurants and wine shops in the city.  She's come full circle and embraces her new position often saying..."I'm not just selling wine...I'm selling memories."

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